Contest Winners

This site is a work in progress. Some of the dates of contests and names of contestants have been left out because I don't know or have forgotten them. Any help will be appreciated. If you see where I might be enlightened please Email Mike.

Annual T-Shirt Contest Winners 2014
T-Shirt Contest Winners
MaryLou Brown, Sandra McKenna, Patty Guess
Annual Halloween Costume Contest 2013
Halloween Costume Contest
Prettiest: Mary Noble Funniest: Marilyn Zimmerman Ugliest: Will & Sherrie Best Couple: Bill Chattleton & Luci McGill
Annual T-Shirt Contest Winners 2012
T-Shirt Contest
Sandra McKenna, Monte Guess, Anita Bancoff
Del Mar Fair Winners 2012
Harvey & Diane Harvey & Diane Diane & Jack
Harvey Clark & Marge Pepitone, Harvey & Diane Lynn, Diane & Jack Sigler
San Diego Spring Fling Dinner Dance Contest 2012
Spring Fling 2012
Art Rodriguez and Diane Gates, (?) & (?), Harvey Clark and Vicki, (?) and Jack Sigler, Debie Rowe and Vern Stray
Palm Springs Dinner Dance Contest 2012
Palm Springs Winners
Harvey Clark and (?), (?) and Jack Sigler, Bert Anderson and Debbie Rowe, (?) & (?), (?) and (?)
Del Mar Fair Winners 2011
Harvey & Diane
Harvey Clark and Diane Lynn
Annual T-Shirt Contest Winners 2011
T-Shirt Contest
Jan and Jim Gleason, Delia Velazquez, Ann Taylor
Spring Fling 2011 Contest Winners
Spring Fling 2011
Jack Pina & Vickie Cameron, Richard Boucher & Peggy Diamond
Jack Sigler & Agnes Bautista, Ken Olson & Josie Nelson, Nicole Kiffer & Pat Locantore

Progressive West Coast Swing Dance Contest
Winners 2009 View Winners

Spring Fling 2010 Contest View Winners

Del Mar Fair Contest Winners 2008
harvey & sher
Harvey & Sher
adrian & diane
Adrian & Diane
Rita & Les
____ & Jack
fling 08
Spring Fling 2008 Contest Winners
Spring Fling 2007 Contest Winners
spring fling 07
Bob & Vicki Palladino, Diane Gates, Harvey Clark, Vicki Cameron
Jack Sigler, Diane Lynn, Gary Isert, Terra Hannah, Bill Parker
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